Data-binding Form INPUTs & SELECTs

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Binding Form INPUTs & SELECTs to Collection Lists

Each of the three form controls above is data-bound to a Webflow Collection List.

  1. A textbox, with auto-complete
  2. A dropdown, with single-select
  3. A listbox, with multi-select

The collection list these are databound to is at the very bottom of this page, as a hidden element.

The Sample Data below shows some of the data from the same Blogpost collection, but is separate from the Collection List we've used for data-binding. As a result the form controls above list the full set of articles, while the sample data area only displays a subset.

This is an example of how you can separate and control the presentation of your data in different ways.

Sample Data

This area is generated by a Webflow CMS CollectionList